Let's begin your healing journey
Child & Adult Psychotherapy
Let's begin your healing journey
Child & Adult Psychotherapy
Let's begin your healing journey
Child & Adult Psychotherapy

Kristen Lewis, LMFT

Welcome to my practice! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#mft.0001706) in Broomfield, Colorado, and I specialize working with children, teens, and adults who struggle with overwhelming emotions. I am passionate about working with you to understand your emotional pain to help you feel less overwhelmed and stuck. I am here to listen to your unique story and your pain; your story matters and deserves to be heard.

Please free to contact me for a free phone consultation; I would love to talk with you more about what I offer and what you are looking for.

Are you overwhelmed by emotions and feel as if you are in survival mode?

Does it seem like you have it all together, but inside you feel broken?

Do you wish your emotions would just go away?

I am here to help

specialize working with individuals who feel just these things; feeling pressured to hold everything together, but in reality, they are struggling inside just like you. You may feel unsure about who to turn to for help, or you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable talking with about all of these uncomfortable feelings that you wish would just disappear. You may not want to feel like a burden to other people, or just feel embarrassed about what all of these emotions might mean. This can be an extremely lonely and isolating experience, especially if we feel like others don’t understand what we’re experiencing.

If this is you, there is hope.

What you are experiencing could be from trauma; all of these experiences are normal reactions from trauma.

You may be thinking, but I haven’t experienced a specific event that has left me traumatized. Isn’t that trauma? Yes, you’re right, a terrifying event is one type of trauma. But there are many other types.

Often times, there can be subtle forms of trauma, and yet if they happen over and over, it can create the same experience and response as a traumatic event. The experiences are traumatic, we just can become so used to these familiar forms of trauma that we can become immune to it. We don’t realize the real reason as to why we are in so much emotional pain. We then experience the emotions as if they are coming out of nowhere.

I am here to help unpack which particular form of trauma you may be experiencing. Then we will have understanding about why you feel the way you do. From there, we will create a plan for your healing. How can we heal, you ask?

“Beneath the surface of the protective parts of trauma survivors there exists an undamaged essence, a Self that is confident, curious, and calm, a Self that has been sheltered from destruction by the various protectors that have emerged in their efforts to ensure survival. Once those protectors trust that it is safe to separate, the Self will spontaneously emerge, and the parts can be enlisted in the healing process”

― Bessel A. van der KolkThe Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

We will work together to find out what is blocking you from accessing the parts of you that are whole and safe to not just survive, but thrive.

What do you want your life to be? 

What are your greatest dreams?

Let’s work together to begin your healing journey and build the life that you’ve always wanted.

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Let's begin your healing journey


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