Parents & Children

Does your child seem troubled?

Is your child a victim of bullying?

Are you confused about why your child is acting out?

I specialize working with children and teens who are going through a difficult time. The children I work with are withdrawn, troubled by strong emotions, or are acting out in certain ways. Or they are a victim of bullying at school and/or online. Others feel like they don’t fit in, have difficulties concentrating on schoolwork, or feel down without knowing why.

As children, it can be extremely hard to express what is bothering them. Your child may be really struggling, but they just don’t know how to express to you what they are feeling. Thus, these emotions can express themselves in other ways, including feeling depressed, worrying, or getting into trouble. 

As a parent, you are not alone. My goal is to help your child learn how to put into words what they are feeling, help them cope with difficult social situations, and give them the tools needed to get through this challenging time in their life.

I am also here to support you as a parent. We will discuss how to manage specific behavioral problems and how your child can feel happier and start thriving in social and academic settings.